How To Draw a Water Dragon or Sea Serpent


For this step, start by drawing an oval-ish shape for the basic form and perspective of the head. Then, draw two curving lines, one on the upper part of the head, and one on the snout. These guides will aid in placing the eyes and nostrils.


Now, using the guides we drew in step one, place the eyes, the brows, and the nostrils, as well as a small line almost connecting the right nostril and eye, to suggest at the bone and muscle structure under the skin.


Next, using the guide, draw in the actual upper and lower jaws, make sure the top jaw over hangs the bottom jaw, we don't want a dragon with an underbite, as we want it to look sleek and aerodynamic so it can glide easily through water. you can also    


This next step is a fairly large and significant one. erase the guide from step one, and add in the horns. I gave this dragon unique horns with various patterns and textures on it, but you can use whatever horns you would like. You can also add in th   


In this step, add in the scaly pattern on the underside of the horn facing you, and add the webbed spines curving around the neck as it twists and just starting to pop back up where the neck ends.


In this last step, you'll be adding in all the water surrounding the dragon and splashing off of him. Water, especially when it's splashing, can be very intimidating to draw if you haven't before. Trust me, I know! This was the first time drawing wat   


And now we are finished! Step back and admire your work! From here, you could either shade it, colour it, paint it, or just leave it as is! give it scales if you wish, or give it whatever kind of eyes you'd like! I hope you enjoyed!

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August 19, 2013

Description: This is a fairly simple tutorial that will teach you how to draw a water dragon or sea serpent. It doesn't, however, show you how to paint it like in the tutorial picture, but feel free to paint it how you want afterwards! I hope you guys enjoy and leave a comment if you like, and feel free to make requests! Stay tuned for more to come!

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