How to Draw Human Toothless


Begin with the shape for the head and then draw the large loop like line for the shoulders. Sketch in the facial guides as well.


In this step you will sketch out the actual face structure for Toothless' humanized face. Don't forget to draw in the outline or shape of the ear too.


Here you will sketch out the long straight bangs for one side of Toothless' face. The hair should be in chunks so make sure to draw the bangs the way you see them here.


Sketch out the eyebrows in a shaggy style, then draw the top part of the nose. You will add a simple mouth line and then detail inside of Toothless' ear.


Here you will draw out the big shapes for the eyes like so. Add the eyeballs, then draw in the nose which is a small ball like shape, then add the crinkle on the nose and bags under the eyes.


Continue and finish sketching out the straight scruffy hairstyle which totally matches the character in dragon form, then draw in the neck, as well as the detailing to the neck. Also add some texture definition to the hair at the root.


Almost done folks. All you have to do here is sketch out the shoulders, and some of the arms in the form of sleeves. Sketch the fuzzy style of the animal hide vest, then add some texture definition to the vest.


And finally, make the shirt line and when you do this add a rip and hole at the neck line of the shirt. This is suppose to symbolize Toothless' broken tail. Erase the mistakes and you are done.


Here is the line art when you are done. Didn't you have a lot of fun drawing human Toothless? I know I did. Now you can even more fun by coloring in your image.

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September 23, 2013

Description: So how many of you ever wondered what would it be like if the shoe was on the other foot between Hiccup and Toothless? Would if Toothless was the viking and Hiccup was the dragon? What do you think they would look like if the two roles where reversed? Well, hopefully the first two tutorials will answer that question because I made tutorials on both. Let us start with "how to draw human Toothless", step by step. I tried my best to turn Toothless into a human. I have him black hair, those yellow big eyes, and that serious expression he always has on his face. Of course I had to dress him so a black shirt and a dark brown fur vest is what I chose for his attire. After all is said and done I think I succeeded with creating a pretty decent version of what this famous dragon would look like in human form. So go ahead and begin your drawing on human Toothless and I will prepare the dragon version of Hiccup. Peace out amigos enjoy.

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