How to Draw Cute Bunnies, Cute Bunnies


Firstly, you can see now, how I change the little rabbit for her/his cute form. Of course, the real rabbits are cute too, but you can feature their cute parts too.


Here some variants for the cute bunnies, and of course, they can be cute with in a lot of style, variant and kind. As you see on the second variant, the bunnies can have short ears, but as you see on the third variant, they can have floppy ears too.    


Here some pose for your little fluffy cute rabbit, and you can see some cute pose too, so you can choice for your drawing.


As the dinosaurs, the rabbits don't have emotions too on their face, but here some example, if you want more feeling and emotion to your cute bunny drawing.


Let's begin the tutorial's "How to draw cute bunnies" part! So, for the first step, draw the base line of the bunny.


Now, draw the base form of the head and the bunny's ears too!


Finish the base lines and start to draw the details of the bunny face. So, draw the base form of the eye, and the mouth, and the nose too.


Now, finish the ears, the tooth, and the pupil, draw the eyebrows too.


Now, finish the head part with the little details, so finish the eyes with the iris, the tooth, and the bunny face too.


Now, let's start the bunny's next step, the body part. So, draw the base form of her/his.


Okay, now, draw the lines, what are separate the legs from the main body too.


Finish the arms and the legs with the little lines.


And now, draw the leg's toes with the little lines and draw the little fluffy tail too.


And for the last step, draw the little details for the bunny's furry.


And, here your finished little cute bunny. The only thing, what you need to do, color her/his. :) Great work, guys!

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September 9, 2011

Description: Little, pretty, cute, furry animals, and every body want and love them! Here the newest tutorial about the little cute bunnies! I love it! Do you love it too?

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