How to Draw a Baby Rabbit

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Draw an egg shape for the baby rabbit's head, and then sketch out the chest, and back end of the body. Be sure to add the facial guidelines as well.


Draw the top and side parts to the head, and be sure to add those fluffy points at each cheek. The left side line continues to form the chest, once this is all done move to step three.


All you have to do here is draw out the baby rabbit's ears, and if you want to have a floppy one like I have, just do like I do here. If not, create something that suits you best. Once the ears and inner detailing is complete, draw in the small nose,   


Using the facial guidelines you drew back in step one, draw out the eyes which are large and wide, and then draw in the eyeballs. Like I said in the description, to give this rabbit a more 'baby' look, just narrow out the large eyes. Add some brows,    


It is now time to get busy drawing out the rest of the body. Start by just sketching in the front leg and two paws. Add the toe lines and that's it for this step. Hop to number six for more fun, and to finish this tutorial.


Draw out the belly and the hind legs and feet like so and be sure to add those toes and puffed tail. Erase the guides and shapes to clean up the drawing.


I know it wasn't that bad drawing a baby rabbit, if it was you wouldn't be here reading this step description right now. Color in your new hare and be on your way. Thanks guys, you did a great job!

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May 31, 2011

Description: Another baby animal tutorial on the way and even though I don’t think it looks like one, you will be taught "how to draw a baby rabbit", step by step. This hare is just the right size, color, and it also has those pretty ice blue eyes. The only problem I recognized with the drawing, it come out looking more like a rabbit for kids. I guess it is the facial expression and oldness to the face. It could have been drawn to look a bit more innocent and less like a teenager. If you want to go for a more baby look when it comes to drawing this baby rabbit, all you have to do is make the eyes larger, less widened, and a bit more chibi-ish. I think that will solve the problem to this rabbit looking like a fella that is ready to start meeting the ladies. Anyways, no matter how you choose to go about it, you should be able to still find the fun in learning "how to draw a baby rabbit" even if that rabbit looks a little old for said age. I’m going to hop out of here right now, but I shall return in a bit so try and stay tuned in folks because there is at least two more tutorials coming your way, Peace!

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