How to Draw a Bunny

Artist: PuzzlePieces / April 29, 2011

Step 1.

WE'll start off with a base that we can work off of for our bunny. WE'll do a big round shape for the body and a smaller round shape on top of his for the head. We'll mark off a cross section on the head for the face and we'll mark where the ears wil   

Step 2.

From there we'll define the shape of the head a bit more, making our bunny look a little on the fluffy side by making the line a little more fuzzy.

Step 3.

Next we'll add the long floppy ears, the nose and mouth, and the eyes.

Step 4.

From there we'll draw along the back of the bigger round shape, making it fuzzy again, and define the shape of the backside of our bunny.

Step 5.

Now we'll draw the two paws on the left, making sure to remember the toes and we'll draw along the belly too.

Step 6.

Now we'll draw one more paw and we'll draw a line going up to connect the rest of the body to the head.

Step 7.

Finally just add some whiskers and some lines on the body to make the bunny look fluffy.

Step 8.

And there you go! Your very own bunny.

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Artist: PuzzlePieces
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Description: Hey everyone. Here I am again and I got yet another tutorial just for all of you. I have some bunnies for you t this time around and I hope you're going to like it. We'll get an adorable, cute, fuzzy bunny drawn up in no time in just a few quick and easy steps and we'll keep everything nice and simple. So get out your tools and we'll get started right away with this how to draw a bunny tutorial!