How to Draw Cute Dinosaurs, Cute Dinosaurs


Let's start the tutorial, guys! So, firstly, this is a little help for you, that you can see what's the dino's real, normal form, and what's the cute form of them. Every children love the dinosaurs, and the cute dinosaurs too!


Here some example for the cute herbivorous dinosaurs variants. That they are really can be cute, you need to draw their body form to rounded and stubby.


The cute predators, are more difficult than the herbivorous, because they are more scary in their realy form.


So, the real dinosaurs don't have emotions, and feelings, but here some example, that if the cute dinosaurs have some emotions, how looks like these. :)


After these hints, here the next part of the tutorial, the "How to draw cute dinosaurs" part with king of the dinosaurs, the T-Rex! Okay, so, firstly, draw the base lines of the dino.


Start the next step of the drawing with the base form of the dino's head.


Draw the little lines of the head, finish the base lines of the head form.


Now, the next step is about the eyes lines with the iris form, and the nose base form with the mouth base form too.


Finish the eyes with the pupils, and the nostrip lines and finish the mouth with zigzag line of the teeth.


Finish the head with little lines and the reptile flakes.


For the next part, draw the base form of the T-rex's body.


Okay guys, now draw the lines, what are separate the arms, and the legs from the main body.


Draw the little lines of the fingers and toes.


Draw little black claws for the fingers and the toes too. It's always need to the predators, like the acute teeth.


Now, here we are with the design of the T-rex. For the first step of this, draw the little lines for his/her neck, stomach, and tail too.


For the finish step of the dinosaurs drawing draw for his/her main body reptile flakes too.


And now, here we are on the finish step :) You dinosaur is finished, now your turn is the finishing, that you can color your dino figure. Great work, guys! :)

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September 9, 2011

Description: Hello guys! Here my new tutorial! :) Who's don't like the dinosaurs? And the cute dinosaurs? Of course, everybody love the dinosaurs, and the cute dinosaurs too! So, I hope, you will like my new "How to draw cute dinosaurs" tutorial!

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