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How to Draw a Rabbit in a Hat

Artist: PetarMKD / August 21, 2011
How to Draw a Rabbit in a Hat

Step 1.

First of all draw two circles, one bit larger than other one, lets move on next step

Step 2.

Now, draw some lines and unfinished rectangular form for our hat

Step 3.

After that draw two little circles one for nose part and one for eye, and 2 guide lines for rabbits ears

Step 4.

Now we draw rabbit's left ear...

Step 5.

...and other ear too :P

Step 6.

Then its time for head, just some round shape

Step 7.

simple round line for the body

Step 8.

Its time for the front legs, and we draw the paws too

Step 9.

Now we draw in this position the upper part of the hat ...

Step 10.

...and bottom part too

Step 11.

Finally some details, like mustache and hat's "thing" and...

Step 12.

and we are done, enjoy in this, and do this like for your homework :D i will wait for your artworks made by this tutorial. I don't know a lot of words how to call them, i hope that isn't a problem for you. Now go ahead and critique, critics are welco   

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Artist: PetarMKD
Date Added: August 21, 2011
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Tags: how to draw rabbits, draw for kids, how to draw hats
Description: Hello friends how are you ? Here is my first tutorial, hope not the last. A bit story, I met Dawn few days ago, when she comment me on Chikorita's drawing, she encourage me to do a tutorial, here it is. Now for tutorial, this is very simple and easy tutorial "<strong>how to draw a rabbit in hat</strong>", please be gentle :D