How to Draw Easter Bunnies

Artist: Dawn / April 8, 2011

Step 1.

Draw two round shapes for the heads, and then draw out the bodies as well. When that is done you can add the facial guidelines for both bunnies.

Step 2.

I know it doesn't show it, but you will need to draw out the rabbits heads, and then the ears. The bunny that is in the front has long floppy ears, and the bunny in the back has erect ears. Once you draw out the heads and ears, you can begin drawing    

Step 3.

Finish drawing out the eyes by adding the eyeballs, and then draw in the rabbit teeth. The bunny in the front has whiskers, but the bunny in the back does not. Sketch in some eyebrows, and then some detailing inside of one of the floppy ears.

Step 4.

Okay the heads and faces are taken care of what we will be doing now is drawing out the shoulders and arms of these two adorable Easter bunnies. Don't forget to draw in their hands as well.

Step 5.

COntinue to sketch out the bodies by drawing the legs and long rabbit feet. As you can see the bunny in the back is holding an Easter basket. Draw out the outline for the basket and then draw in the toe lines.

Step 6.

Okay guys you have reached the last step to this lesson. You will finish off the Easter basket by drawing in the handle, and then drawing the criss cross lines for the wicker cross-hatching. Draw in some Easter eggs, and then draw the belly and leg m   

Step 7.

Here is what your bunnies look like when you are all done. Now you can have a bigger blast as you color them in. I do hope you had fun with this holiday lesson on how to draw Easter bunnies.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 8, 2011
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Description: April 24th is the big day when rabbits turn into chickens as they deliver colored eggs to all the boys and girls that are going to be waiting for the Easter bunny. The idea for this next tutorial came to me from my little seven year old sister. She asked me how many Easter Bunnies there where and I said there is only one. She then asked how one little bunny delivers so many eggs to all the boys and girls around the world. After asking me that question, I wanted to make something special for her so I went ahead and made a tutorial on "how to draw Easter bunnies", step by step. I mainly made this drawing so she could print out the finished line art, and then have fun coloring it in for Easter. Since I drew out this picture, I decided to make a tutorial out of it and submit it on the site for others to enjoy and even learn from. It is always fun drawing, coloring, and creating Easter stuff because it is such a colorful activity to do. If you’re worried you won't have fun drawing Easter bunnies, I wouldn’t worry at all because they are just too cute to think they are boring. I guess that just about does it. I will be back with my last lesson for the day so stay tuned in just a little bit longer. Don’t forget to join me with another Live drawing session later at eight o’clock today.