How to Draw a Newborn Baby

Artist: MauAcheron / September 10, 2011

Step 1.

For the begin, here a simple picture about a baby with simple forms, circles. The body of babies, newborn babies have a lot of round form and line.

Step 2.

In this step, here a picture about the differences between the newborn babies and the adult people.

Step 3.

And now, here the side views about the newborn babies's head, because the scales and the rates are not same with the adult people's head.

Step 4.

Okay, so, the babies don't have a really lot of emotions besides the good and the bad feeling with the smile, or the cry emotion. But they are always make a lot of grimace, and these don't have real number.

Step 5.

A little baby anatomy, before the poses and the poses with arms. Because it's not "no matter" how do you hold the newborn baby. Their bodies and heads are vulnerable, so it's important thing. The baby's top of head are silky, not hard skull, as the a   

Step 6.

So, here some pose for the babies. Not every pose healthy for them (as you see on the fifth), it's just okay for a little moment. When you draw them, you need to know the borders for your newborn babies figure's body.

Step 7.

And we are here on the final step! Newborn babies poses with adult people's arms. As you see the last pose is not too healhty for the babies, as the babies's spine is sensible. The third pose is not too good, but not too bad too, on a picture is real   

Step 8.

We are here in the "How to Draw newborn babies" part! Firstly, draw the base lines of the babies.

Step 9.

Okay, now, draw the base form of the baby's head. It's the begining! :)

Step 10.

The next step is the eyes line. The baby is sleep, so, the eyes is not open on the picture.

Step 11.

And now draw the base lines of the nose and the ears too.

Step 12.

Just little step to little step, it's okay. Draw the nostril's line and the mouth line.

Step 13.

Okay guys, now, finish the lines of the ear!

Step 14.

And here we are, finish the nose with the nostril's lines, and the lips line too.

Step 15.

I know, these lines change to the little baby's face to an old man's face, but these lines are not furrows, just the tender skin's creases.

Step 16.

And the last step of the head drawing is the soft baby hair. It's always changing, the babies not always have a lot of hair, but some babies have. It could be dark, or the light hair too.

Step 17.

The next step and part of the drawing is the body. So, guys, draw the base form of the baby's body.

Step 18.

Draw the lines, what are separate the arms, and the legs from the body.

Step 19.

And now, draw the lines of the fingers, and the toes, and the little lines of the knees.

Step 20.

And now, like on the face, draw the little lines on the little body too for the creases of the tender skin.

Step 21.

For the last step of the newborn baby drawing is the backround. It needed to be a soft, tender, and warm backround for the little baby.

Step 22.

Do you see? We are here with the finished picture about the little baby. Don't you think, that she is cute? :) Now, your turn, that you color her. Great work, guys!

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Description: After a long-long break (the school started, and it's always a hard time), here my new tutorial! Not chibi, but a same cute theme too! Here, enjoy my new tutorial about "How to Draw newborn baby".