How to Draw Crow Skull Kid

1 Guidelines

First, let's sketch the guidelines for the crow creature. Draw this lightly.

2 Face Shape

Start with the upper part of his head and then the internal details afterwards. Draw the details with thin line weights.

3 Feathered Crown

Next, start from the center feathers and work your way around the head with smaller feathers as it fans out to the outer portion of the crow head.

4 Wings and Body

Now this may seem like a harsh step, but work your way from one side to the other and then lastly sketch the torso part of the body like the shirt.

5 Claws and Feet

Then, using your guidelines, let's start drawing the feet, so drawing the legs/pants will be much easier.

6 Pants and Details

Then, finish a little more work on the feet and then work on the pants and legs.

7 Final Touches

Go ahead and fill some of the areas which should be rendered in shadows.

8 Final Line Art

After you've completed ever step, you should then end up with something like this figure right here. It's ok if you didn't get it right the first time, that's why you always practice and practice diligently. Great job!

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April 22, 2020

Description: Hey all once again. I am super excited to show you this lesson on how to draw a crow skull kid, step by step. This is another rendition to the skull kid series that I am doing...periodically. I love everything about this concept right down to the pose and coloring. At first I was going to include a guitar clutched to his talons, then I tried a skateboard, but in the end I decided I didn't need anything, just a cool flying crow skull kid. This will be a time consuming lesson so be prepared to take your time. Adios folks and remember to stay tuned in because there is more on the way.

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