How to Draw a Deer Skull Girl

1 Guidelines

Let's first sketch the guidelines to base the figure on. This should be drawn with care and lightly on your paper.

2 Face Shape

Then, let's begin drawing the upper jaw/head region.

3 Lower Jaw

Go ahead and draw the lower jaw and teeth.

4 Facial Details

Then, work on the facial features and thin lines to detail the contours of the skull.

5 Hair and Details

Next, draw her curly hair and the thin lines to detail the regions of hair.

6 Lashes and Upper Body

Go ahead and sketch the lashes first and work your way down to the upper body and arms. The tattoos can be optional!

7 Lower Body

Lastly, draw the tattoos on her arm (optional) and the lower body. Draw the dress first and then the boots.

8 Final Line Art

After you've finished reviewing your sketch, you should have something similar to this. Go ahead and ink your drawing out afterwards and post it on here!

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April 18, 2020

Description: Just like the hedgehog skull kid, here is another animal skull that is part of the skull kid series I am doing. With this lesson we will learn how to draw a deer skull Girl, step by step. She is fashioned with the latest style and has all the right moves. This deer skull girl has beautiful curly blond hair, some tattoos on her arm and a cute pink dress. I love how this came out and I hope you do too. I will be back later today with more lessons for you all. In the meantime have fun with drawing this animal skull.

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