Drawing Animal Skulls


Again, draw out the guidelines and shapes for both animal skulls you are about to draw.


Starting with the first animal skull, go ahead and sketch out the whole design and shape of the skull. This will also include the shapes of the hollows for the eyes and the hollow to the front of the nose. take your time as you draw out the teeth and   


Here you will draw in the goat like horns which are big and curved back. Add all the definition to the horns and take your time doing so to be sure they come out even.


Add detailing to the bone on the bridge of the nose.


Here you will begin to add the design work that is along the sides of the skull's head and face. This is more like a vine like smoke.


Now draw the snake like slither that is flowing through the skull's mouth all the way to the back of the skull until it curls behind.


Draw in the other small animal skull and add some metal bands to the ends of the boney horns. Draw in the face and teeth and add swirls inside the hollows for the eyes.


For the last step you will continue to finish off the vine like smoke substance all around the back part of the two skulls and then the orb that is floating above the small animal skull. Sketch in detailing to the vines and then erase all the mistake   


Go ahead and choose your own color palette to color in your drawing. I hope you had fun with today's lessons. Be sure to like, love, fav and share them all.

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April 21, 2020

Description: Hey guys. Are you ready to have some fun with this next lesson that will be showing you how to draw animal skulls and snakes? Well, I hope so because that is what we will be doing next. This drawing concept is another piece that came to me while I was up doodling random art. That will often happen when I can't sleep. I will just draw on my tablet and see what comes up through my hands. I don't really think when I'm exgausted, I just let my mind run free and whatever comes out is the product I get. Some of the stuff I randomly draw don't make much sense so it will usually get erased and a blank canvas repeats. Anyways, I have been growing extremely fond of drawing animal skulls so when this creation was coming out I wanted to incorporate something blue so that is where the snake's body comes in. I hope you enjoy drawing animals skulls, it is something that has been growing with popularity. Stay tuned for one more tut coming up next before I call it a day.

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