How to Draw Coconuts

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Let's start with drawing three nuts. Make the first shape like so which looks like, well, a nut. You will then draw two more attached to one another, then sketch in the textured surface of the coconuts.


Here is a lesson on drawing a sliced coconut. Start with an oval shape, then draw out the base which is shaped like a cup. You will then draw in the dimpled center as well as the fibrous hair on the outside of the shell.


Now let's draw a regular single coconut. Start with a circle shape, then move to the next step.


Now you will actually draw the eyeball shaped shell.


Next, draw in the textured surface which looks a lot like zebra stripes. Erase the mistakes if you even made any at all then you're done.


Here is the last step. As you can see you end up with a coconut. Color it in and that's it.

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July 23, 2012

Description: Here is a very fun and simple lesson that will show you "how to draw coconuts", step by step. These tasty fruity nuts have a white milky colored center that is soft but crispy and very light flavored. I myself LOVE coconuts, and anything that has coconuts in them. It's hard to believe that these nuts are covered with a green outer substance before their brown fibrous shell is exposed. Breaking into one of these fruits is extremely hard if you don't know the proper way to open up a coconut seed. Another great part of coconuts, they are filled with a watery milk that is also edible and used in sweet and savory dishes. This is a very simple lesson to follow, which means you will be drawing coconuts in no tome at all. Peace out folks and enjoy!

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