How to Draw a Cartoon Cookie

Artist: sweetgirl24 / April 11, 2012

Step 1.

For the first step,just draw a circle.Don't make it to perfect,because cookies have ragged edges,not a perfect edge.

Step 2.

Draw two pairs of slanted lines at the bottom of the circle.Then draw two pairs of curved lines towards the top.

Step 3.

This step explains how to do the face.Draw two circles more at the top of the circle.If you want,you can make a circle around one of the circles,like I did.Then for the mouth,draw a little diagonal line,then attached to it,draw a curved line.Draw a    

Step 4.

Draw circles inside of your cookie.Draw as many as you want.Draw a little squiggly line inside your eye.Then draw a little oval attached to the two pairs of lines at the bottom.Then draw a curved rectangle for each of the feet.Then draw little ovals    

Step 5.

You're done!Hope this helped everyone:)

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Artist: sweetgirl24
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Description: Here is my tutorial on how to draw that I'm on the subject of cookies,I want to eat one!