How to Draw a Waffle

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The first thing we have to do is grab a ruler because this tutorial is all lines. Draw out the shape of a piece of bread which is sort of square and flat looking like you see here.


Next, draw in the lines on the side of the box you just drew to make the shape of the waffle look thick. You can adjust the thickness that you want just by raising the dimensional lines.


Next, draw another smaller box shape for a chunk of butter and if you want two helpings of butter, just draw in another.


Now you will need to draw the syrup that is spread over the butter so the melted parts of the butter drizzles down the sides of the waffle.


Lastly, draw in the small square shapes to add detailing to your waffle, then then you are done.


Here is what your waffle looks like when you are done cleaning up mistakes and inking out your drawing.

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April 14, 2012

Description: Before you say anything, let me explain. Yes I know this is a tutorial on "how to draw a waffle", and yes I know it's making you hungry. But you have to understand that I have been wanting a waffle for a long time now, but I don't want just any old waffle. I want a homemade style one that is thick, doughy, and has loads of butter and maple syrup oozing off the top. When I was asked to make a tutorial on a waffle I was like "NOOOOO". Now I definitely have to make myself some tasteful goodness because drawing a waffle just made me hunger for a waffle. I hope you guys have fun with this lesson on such a simple concept. You can add berries or what have you to your waffle drawing, just make sure it looks good!

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