How to Draw Fighting Wolves, Wolf Fight

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Begin with drawing two head shapes then draw out the shapes for the torsos. These shapes should be connected with a neck guide.


We will work with both wolves at the same time with this second step so here we go. Begin by drawing the side profile for both wolves. I would start at the top of the head, and sketch your way down until the snouts and mouths are drawn out. Sketch in   


Now that the profiles of the wolves are drawn in, you can start sketching out their faces. Choose one wolf at a time for your task, then begin the drawing process. Make sure to draw in the darkness to the eyes as well as the crinkles, or wrinkles on    


Now it's time to get started with drawing the bodies. Start with just one wolf at a time, or you can go ahead and do both wolves if you want. I only say start with one because it can get confusing tackling two fighting bodies at once. Start with the    


Now you can work on the second wolf. Do this by drawing the small piece to the neck then draw the first front leg which is in a pose to look like he is trying to push the other wolf away from his face. The top wolf's other front leg and paw should al   


Now let's finish off the drawing. Sketch out the top wolf's hind legs and back paw like so. When that is done you can draw in the tail, then begin working on the back of the neck, back lining, and rest of the wolf's body. Of course I'm talking about    


Here is how the wolves look when your drawing is complete. Now color the two animals in using shades of your chose. I hope you enjoyed this lesson on drawing fighting wolves.

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May 24, 2017

Description: The first lesson of the day will be one a couple of wolves. A lot of people liked the tutorial on fighting cats, and even requested that I make a similar lesson on "how to draw fighting wolves", step by step. Of course the idea requested was super cool, and because of this I obviously went ahead and made the idea a lesson. At first I wasn't sure what type of fight scene or position that I wanted the wolves to be in, but then I thought that it would probably be best if I just made them in the same fighting style that the cats where in. The tutorial will be a bit more difficult to follow then the cats because they are wolves. As you know drawing wolves can be a tricky task to tackle because they have so much definition with their bodies and faces. Nonetheless, I still believe that you will do a fantastic job even if you're a novice artist trying this lesson on for size. I hope that you enjoy drawing fighting wolves as much as I did creating the concept. I shall return in a few with more fun stuff for you guys to do so stay tuned in. Adios peeps!

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