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How to Draw Gypsy Danger, Pacific Rim

Artist: KingTutorial / February 26, 2018
How to Draw Gypsy Danger, Pacific Rim

Step 1.

Ok, let's begin with some guide lines. Wow, even with these simple shapes, the big guy's form is clearly visible. The center shape outlines the head and chest. Next comes the large shapes of the shoulders. From there we have the outer lines of the ar   

Step 2.

Ok, lighten up your guide lines and we'll start on the line art. I want to get the main shapes of the head and chest out of the way first. The important details here are the neck line and the armor plates that rest on the chest. Once those panels are   

Step 3.

Wow, this is starting to look like Iron Man. Let's go over the shoulders, adding a bit more shape to them. In the center of the chest we have two concentric circles. They're a bit squished horizontally because we're viewing the chest at an angle.

Step 4.

Next we'll drawn in the outline of the collar and shoulder blades... at least, that's what I'm going to call them. I have no idea what these armor plates are really for. I guess they protect the neck and shoulder joints. With just the outline, they l   

Step 5.

For this step, begin by adding the armor shapes below the chest. These line up with the bottom of the rib cage, so they curve downward. You can imagine them wrapping around the back. Next go over the pelvis, adding some more shape. Then we'll move on   

Step 6.

Draw in a square for each bicep. We can also add a blocky tricep on one arm for now. Next draw in the "ribs," which are curved armor plates that wrap around the sides of the chest. Think of it like wrapping a bookmark around a ball.

Step 7.

Since this robot design is so complex, I've simplified things a bit. We'll draw in some blocky shapes to fill out the inner forearms. For the stomach, I've outlined the main sections for you. Later, these will be broken up into smaller sections. I've   

Step 8.

This is a good time to add the fingers, because they'll be overlapping the legs in a bit. Since these are robot fingers, they need to be blocky. In the interest of time and simplicity, what I did was use just a couple of straight lines on the inside    

Step 9.

With the hands drawn in completely, we can add the thigh armor behind them. It would be a pain to do it the other way around. You'll want to erase as little as possible, especially if you're drawing on paper. It's always good to think about what's go   

Step 10.

Next let's add some shapes to fill in the joint areas. In reality, these are some very complex areas. I've simplified things quite a bit here. I try to think of them like action figure joints. Balls for the hips. Swing joints for the elbows, etc...

Step 11.

Now we'll get into the details of the drawing. Outline the shape of the visor. By exaggerating the curvy lines a bit, I've made the inner visor shape more accurate. When you get to the color stage, the outline almost disappears, and it's that bright    

Step 12.

Ok, now we'll draw the edges of those armor plates up top to give them some dimension. They're just sheets of metal with a bit of a curve. I've exaggerated the shapes a bit to make the image more interesting. Add the spiral to the center chest circle   

Step 13.

For this step we're mainly adding the paint stripes and some panel lines. Try to keep these lines parallel with the lines around them. This can be tricky, but keeping the space between the lines equal is key to having a clean drawing. When your line    

Step 14.

Ok, still keeping it simple, even in the detail stage. Each bicep has a smaller circle in the center, with lines extending from the corners to each corner of the larger squares. The curved lines on his left bicep (our right) show the angle of the arm   

Step 15.

These are some finer details. Overall, the detail on the stomach and hands is probably most important here. The longer lines on the fingers help to give them that blocky, mechanical look we want. On the stomach, use the first set of separations as a    

Step 16.

For this final drawing step, I started by adding some black shadows to the hips and beneath the rib armor. From them, I decided to use some vertical dashes or hatching to add shading and give dimension to some of the shapes. The shading appears where   

Step 17.

This is how he looks in black and white. There are some details I decided to add in the color stage. There's some paneling around the chest circle, and the number 34 on his shoulder pads. I also did the chest swirl a bit differntly, and added some pa   

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Artist: KingTutorial
Date Added: February 26, 2018
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Tags: how to draw jaegers, how to draw pacific rim robots, how to draw pacific rim characters
Description: It's been a while, but I'm back with a tutorial for the upcoming film "Pacific Rim." I'll be doing all the robots from this film, and maybe some of the monsters as well. To start it off, we'll tackle the American robot, Gypsy Danger.