How to Draw Carrots and Radishes

Artist: sweetgirl24 / April 6, 2012

Step 1.

This explains the different colors that I used to show how to draw these carrots and radishes.Purple:old step.Green:new steps.Pink:guide lines(you don't need to draw those,they're there if you need them.Red:labels.(Don't draw the red)

Step 2.

Draw two lines going diagonal,connected.(That's the pink lines)Then draw bumps on one side.On the other side,do the same thing,making the bumps congruent to the other side.Make an open space at the top.TIP:Don't make the bumps too bumpy.

Step 3.

Close the open spot at the top,drawing a curved line that connects to the ends of both lines.Then,if it helps,you can draw very lightly a upside down trapezoid,then draw a curved line,with another going down.Do that until you get to the other side of   

Step 4.

This step is easy.Draw little lines sticking out into the carrot.You can draw some with two,and some one.Then for the eyes,just draw two circles,and draw a squigly line inside.For the mouth,just draw a little half circle and color it in.

Step 5.

Draw a circle on each side of the carrot.Have them going into the sides of the carrot.

Step 6.

This is the last step...Draw a circle on the left side of the left circle.You won't be able to see the other eye if it is behind the carrot.Draw the squigly line inside.Then make the mouth expression that you want.It could be like mine,or however you   

Step 7.

Here it is!You did it!

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Description: Mmm...mmm...mmm.Tasty,huh?This tutorial will show you how to draw carrots and radishes.Good luck!Have fun...