How to Draw Chibi Little Mix, Little Mix Chibi Girls

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To start off you will need to make four head shapes, then fill those shapes with facial guidelines.


Next, draw out the chins or face structures for your chibi girls, then draw out the eyes, eyebrows, lashes, and mouths for all of them.


Start with the chibi to the lower right hand side. All you have to do with her is draw out her curly locks, but make sure she has long locks.


Next, draw in more hair but this time it's for the chibi to the lower left. Her hair should be starting with a bouncy wave. Add the detailing to the hair for the highlights, then proceed to step five.


Almost done folks. All you have to do is draw a simple style for the chibi to the right. Her hair is straight with long bangs that fall on the sides of her face.


And finally, I like to think that this hairstyle is a combination of all. Wavy, straight, long, short. Draw in the parted style, then begin erasing the mistakes.


You are all done. Now you can have a blast coloring them all in. I hope you enjoyed drawing the chibi version of Little Mix.

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August 24, 2012

Description: What better way to add a lesson next to the Little Mix logo then to show you guys "how to draw chibi Little Mix", step by step. This tutorial is going to on all four of the band members, but instead of the real thing, you will be getting a chibi sized version of them. As you can see from the tutorial thumbnail, there is one of every hair color which is pretty neat. You have a read head, a brunette, a blonde, and one with black hair. I had a lot of fun making these girls into chibi form because they all ended up having such characteristic faces. The lesson in itself will be easy to follow and replicate, so if you're a fan of Little Mix, you will enjoy this submission on drawing chibi Little Mix. Adios people, and keep an eye out for some cool tuts coming your way!

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