How to Draw Chibi Big Time Rush, Big Time Rush Boys Chibis


Start off by making three circles for three of the members of Big Time Rush.


Draw out the shape of the face for the first boy, then proceed to step three.


Sketch out the loose fitting hat, then draw in the bangs for the hairstyle. Don't forget to add the ear to the left side.


In this step you will draw out the shapes for two more faces as well as the ear nubs. When that is done draw in the hair for the chibi to the right, then you're done for now.


Continue to work on the chibi hair until you have them both completed. As you see the boy to the left has a spiked style which sort of forms a flame. Add detailing and layers to the hair.


Draw out the head and face shape for the last Big Time Rush member. When that is done you can draw out the hairstyle as well. Don't forget to add a bit of detailing.


Finally, draw and color in the eyes, then add the mouths, and eyebrows to all the faces you see here. If you made any mistakes you can start erasing them now.


Here is how the drawing looks when you're done. Now you can color in your new sketch on the chibi version of Big Time Rush.

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August 9, 2012

Description: Since the chibi version of One Direction did so well, I decided that I would make chibi tutorial based on another boy band that made their fame through television. Here is "how to draw chibi Big Time Rush", step by step. I know all you fan girls and boys out there will love this lesson because the members of the band are all so cute and real simple to recreate. Big Time Rush is another band that has everyone going crazy. I think they first appeared on Nickelodeon with the series of the same. The show follows four older teens that are former hockey players from Minnesota. The boys names are Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan. They are approached to form an all boy band, and that was the plot for the very first episode of Big Time Rush. I had a lot of fun drawing these pop culture icons into their new form. I hope you all enjoy this tut the same way you enjoyed the One Direction chibi. Peace out folks, and have fun!

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