How to Draw Chibi One Direction, One Direction Boys


Start off by making three circles for three of the band members that you will be drawings.


Begin with just one member first. All you have to do is draw out the suave style hair like so. Notice how the bang is combed in 'one direction'.


Draw in the hairstyle for the chibi at the end like you see here. Also, this hairstyle doesn't have that bang to it.


Now you can draw out the hairstyle for the middle member like so. The bangs on this fella are layered.


Draw in another head shape as well as the spiked hairstyle for band member number four.


Lastly, draw in the hairstyle for band member number five. As you can see his hair is a bit messy and longer than the others.


Draw out all the shapes of their faces as well as the ears.


Lastly, here is where you will draw the eyes, mouths, and eyebrows. Notice how the eyes and eyebrows gives character to each member. Erase the mistakes if you made any as well.


Can you tell whos who just by looking at their uncolored faces? If you can you know you're definitely a fan.

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July 13, 2012

Description: After twenty something requests, I finally went a head and made you guys that asked, a tutorial on "how to draw chibi One Direction", step by step. I know that many of you have been waiting for this tut, so I hope you have fun with it. I knew I was eventually going to have to make a lesson on these guys or should I say this boy band because they are so darn popular. One Direction is like the new 'New Kids on the Block'. Well, maybe not as much but they are definitely close to being a boy band like they were. Anyways, this is not only going to be a fun lesson, you will definitely find drawing chibi One Direction easy because all I did was head shots of them all. Well, that's it, enjoy yourselves and I will get some other stuff ready for submission. Peace!

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