How to Draw Chibi Marceline, Marceline From Adventure Time

How to Draw Chibi Marceline, Marceline From Adventure Time
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Start with a circle for the head guide then draw in the facial and neck guideline.


You will form the bottom part of her face then draw in the parted hair along with the small bang that falls in front of her forehead.


Next, draw out the shapes of her large chibi eyes, followed by the mouth and vampire fangs. The top lid lines should be pretty thick and bold.


Draw out the form and shape of her rag doll style body like so, and if you want your chibi Marceline character to be in an action pose you can draw the legs the way you see them here.


Here you will draw in the belt, ripped lining of her shorts, then draw in the shirt collar as well as her shoe soles.


For the last step all you have to do is draw out Marceline's hairstyle which is puffy, long, and straight. She is sitting on her hair because it's soo long. When you're done you can start erasing the mistakes.


Here she is all drawn out and ready to color in. I hope you like my interpretation of chibi Marceline.

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August 30, 2012

Here it is folks, the other chibi character I said I was going to submit. I wanted to make a cute version of the very popular figure from Adventure Time with Finn and Jake because a member asked me to and I thought it was a good idea. Here is "<em>how to draw chibi Marceline</em>", step by step. As you know Marceline is a vampire that is on Finn and Jake’s good side as well as friend. In the beginning though Marceline and Finn weren't friends. But time healed that wound because they soon became friends. I love Marcelines look as well as her personality and humor. She is a one thousand plus year old vampire queen that rules the night everyday. I have always been fond of her, so drawing chibi Marceline was a real treat for me. I love the way her small form came out, making this one of my favorite chibis to date. Well I hope you enjoy this lesson folks, it's all you thought a chibi character from Adventure Time would be. Peace!

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