How to Draw Chibi Raikou, Raikou, Pokemon

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The first couple steps should be easy. All you have to do first is make a circle then add a large V line for the facial guide.


Here you will draw the outline of the triangular shaped shell that is like a plated head armor piece. Next, draw an attached half star shape which will form a mustache. Draw a circle at the top of the head.


Thicken the shape for the head that you drew in step one, then draw the nods on top of the head like so. Make a small circle then draw in the eyes and top teeth.


Next, you will draw the cloud like curls on the back like so, then draw the front legs, back legs, and feet. This should complete the body creation process.


Here is where some may find difficulty. Draw the other back foot, then draw the lightning bolt tail. You will then draw in all the detailing and definition lines scattered on the body the exact way you see them here. Once that is done be sure to make   


Here it is you are all done. Color this character in to add some vibrant life to it.

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July 2, 2012

Description: How long has it been since I made a tutorial on a Pokemon character in chibi form? A long while that’s how long. Today I am going to break that time frame and submit "how to draw chibi Raikou", step by step. This is a very cool chibi that took a lot of time to complete even though it is only a chibi. Just because something is made in a chibi form, that doesn't mean it will always be easy to create. There is certain things you have to think about. For one, the detailing, definition, and complexity of a figure in their normal form. If all these aspects are sort of challenging than the chibi form will be easy to create, but there will be some bumps in the road to completion. That is the case with Raikou. You see, he is a very bold looking character that has a lot of definition to his form. He has that saddle like shell on his back that curls into cloud folds, he has this intense looking armor like mask on his face, and his body is sort of structured like a lion or tiger. No matter how difficult the challenge was to make a lesson on drawing chibi Raikou, I found a way to do it, and now I share what I've learned with you all. Have fun with this lesson folks and be sure to stuck around for the grand finale of lessons for the day. Peace out and like always enjoy!

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