How to Draw Chibi Bolin, Legend of Korra

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First, make a large round shape for Bolin's chibi head then sketch in the facial guidelines.


You will then begin drawing the shape of his face, as well as his suave hairstyle. Don't forget to add that little curl that rests on his forehead. Draw in the ear, and that notch on his chin for the jacket collar.


Using the facial guidelines begin drawing out his eyes starting with the slanted eyebrows. Draw the shapes of the eyes, then make the nose, mouth, and blush marks on his cheeks. Also add a swirl of detailing inside of his ear.


You will now draw the body shape of chibi Bolin like so, then draw in his cute little arms which are in a fighting pose, as well as his clutched fists. Make sure to draw the legs parted instead of together.


Lastly folks, draw in the detailing to his jacket, then draw the belt, jacket end flaps, and then his feet. Erase the mistakes you may have made along the way to clean things up a bit.


Here is chibi Bolin all finished and ready to color in. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on drawing chibi Bolin from Legend of Korra.

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July 21, 2012

Description: Up next, I will be submitting another chibi figure based on one of the characters from the new Legend of Korra series on Nickelodeon. Here is "how to draw chibi Bolin", step by step. For all you Korra fans out there you should know that Bolin is Mako's younger brother. He has almost the same characteristics of Sokka because his character too has a sense of humor as well as having a light heart when it comes to things. Bolin is also a ladies man, which explains the almost perfect hairstyle. Chibi Bolin is going to be one of the funnest Earthbenders you will draw from my chibi collection because he looks so good as a chibi. I bet this is what Bolin looked like as a kid, he still had the perfect hair, the cocky or confident look on his face, and the ladies still must of adored him. Anyways, this should be a simple lesson to tackle. Drawing chibi Bolin is going to be as easy as saying 1, 2, 3. I will be back in a few, but this time I shall return with a tutorial on another character from a popular video game. Peace out folks and enjoy!

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