How to Draw Cartoon Dogs


Today I will be teaching you how to draw two different dog heads just to show you how the shapes of the heads and ears can make your drawing very different. This is the first drawing you will be learning to draw. This one has a longish, rounded kind    


This is the second dog you will be drawing. This is supposed to look like a Shiba Inu but i don't actually think it does. The main shape here is a kind of rounded trapezium I guess, with triangular ears.


Okay, so now it's time to actually learn how to draw them! start with the 'w' shaped thing. This will be the mouth. Then add the nose and then the chin. This will also be the starting step for the next drawing.


All you do in this step is draw in the basic shape of the head. Do this lightly since you will be erasing part of this later.


This is where you draw in those little floppy ears. Well, they are not really that little but, all well.


Now you draw in the neck and the collar. Also show where the fur markings are right down the middle of the face.


For this step draw in the eyes (if you want a different expression please feel free to change the eyes since i am hopeless and cannot draw different ones =P) Also add the eyebrows and the little name thing on the collar.


All you have to do now is the minor details and erase any sketchy lines. Draw the whiskers in but be sure to make them short, the little dots above the mouth need to be PLACED and not put in by randomly bringing the pencil down as quick as you can. I   


The end result should look something like this. And yeah, I know this pic doesn't look the same as the one at the start of the tutorial and that is because after i scanned the pictures i put them down somewhere and then kind of misplaced them -_-ahah   


Okay, so the first step on this one is pretty much the same as the other one except for the shape of the nose. It is also a tad smaller. Easy.


In this step we will draw the outline of the head. It is sorta shaped like a rounded trapezium but with the ends split in half to indicate fur.


Now we will draw the ears and the neck in. Does anyone else think this is sorta looking more like a fox?


Draw curved lines coming off the snout and meeting the edge of the head to define the difference in fur colouring, the collar, and the little line above the nose that defines the snout. Still looks kinda like a fox...


It's time to draw in the eyes (again, feel free to change them), the little name thing on the collar, and little squiggly lines for eyebrows.


Your end product should look like this. Again this is different from the pic at the start of the tutorial and I'm sorry for that. I really should be more careful haha. Before this tutorial ends, I will show you some pictures I drew for this to show    


Okay, so if you have seen any of my artwork this is Samson, a Jack Russell. You can see that his head is more ovular and i gave it a fluffy look. This kind of gives the whole image a cute look. And the ears here are on different angles, which gives o   


This picture is of a Border Collie. It's head is more rectangular which suggests it has a longish head and it's ears are floppy looking. You can also add little details which make your drawing unique like the scar on the side of it's face and the fur   


To finish off this tutorial, I would also like to say that this concept can be used on anything. Such as this cat here. (Another of my artwork creations. Her name is Lu-Lu) I hope you found this tutorial helpful.

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June 25, 2011

Description: Hey everyone! I'm back with another tutorial that I think you all will like! Today I'm going to take you through "How to Draw Cartoon Dogs". I am not that confident in drawing bodies so i only drew the head, and the head only has one facial expression but I'm sure you will be able to change that if you want something different. Also I apologize for it's longness and will try to shorten my tutorials in the future. I tried to also make this tutorial easy for everyone but still look good so tell me how i went! Enjoy!

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