How to Draw Snowy

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Begin by drawing out the circle shape for the head, and then draw out an egg for the body.


Now you will use the shape to start sketching out the lining for Snowy's snout, nose, and head like you see here.


Continue to draw out the entire head, and then sketch in the what should be curly erect ears. Color in the nose, and then color in the mouth. Draw eyeballs, and eyebrows like so.


Sketch out the whole body which should also be curly or bumpy lining. This should include the legs and tail as well as the rounded paws.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is finish drawing out the back legs, and then the feet too. Once that is done you can erase any guidelines or shapes that you drew in step one.


You are now done with this lesson on how to draw Snowy. I hope you had fun, and now you have Tintin's pet to placed by each others side.

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April 24, 2011

Description: Tintin is, as you know a character from a comic strip that has been around for years. Steven Spielberg is also making a movie based on Tintin and most of his friends. Now there has been speculations as to what breed Snowy is. If you're wondering, Snowy is Tintin's dog, friend, and companion. He also helps Tintin as they embark on new investigations and adventures to solving mystery's and crime. Getting back to Snowy's breed, he is a white Wire Fox Terrier and unlike the rest of most comic strip animals, he does not talk. Although he is often seen with thought clouds above his head as he gives his opinion and thoughts when it comes to trying to communicate with Tintin. Like other dogs, Snowy loves bones and other doggie things. He is a rather easy animal character to draw, and I think you will like following this lesson on "how to draw Snowy", step by step. Wire Fox Terriers are smart dogs and although they are not often seen following a freelance detective around, I think Snowy is an exception to the rule. I have one more tutorial to submit before I enjoy my Easter day so of you can try and stay tuned in or come back a little later to see what else is new.

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