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How to Draw a Jack Russell Terrier

Artist: Dawn / June 10, 2011
How to Draw a Jack Russell Terrier

Step 1.

Begin by making a head shape and then draw out the snout, and circle for the chest of this Jack Russell.

Step 2.

Carefully sketch out the structure of the Jack Russell's head and face, and then draw in the floppy ears that seem to be perfectly portioned.

Step 3.

Draw the large almond shaped eyes and color in the pupils. The eyes should come out looking friendly and inviting. Add some small dashes for the brows, and then draw the nose and lower chin or jaw.

Step 4.

Now that the head and face is drawn in, you can begin drawing out the front part of the dog's body which is the neck, chest, and front legs. The Jack Russell terrier has short stubby legs because they are short stubby dogs.

Step 5.

Sketch out the back end of the dog and include the hind legs, and some of the ankles. When that is done just make a line for the tail.

Step 6.

Finish sketching out the tail, and then draw in all four paws, and the nails on each toe.

Step 7.

Now it's time to start erasing the lines and shapes that you drew in step one so you can draw out the markings on the face, left shoulder, back and tail.

Step 8.

Here is what the pooch looks like when you are all done. Now you can color it in to either look like your Jack Russell, or one that you want.

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megtrick · 5 years ago
Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 10, 2011
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Description: Drawing dogs is fun, but it is also hard work. Each breed of dog has their own look, characteristics, and complex body frame. Occasionally I will do a lesson on a specific dog that is either requested, or a popular breed. Today I decided to make a tutorial on "how to draw a jack Russell terrier", step by step. This cute pooch has all the right stuff when it comes to getting people to choose a dog to add to the family. Jack Russell’s are a very smart breed of dog that has become popular over time. Their appearance sometimes gets confused with the beagle and I guess it’s because they sort of have the same coloring and markings. The difference between the two is one is a terrier and the other isn’t. Terriers come in all different sizes, which make them one of the top ten canine species on a list of all-time favorite dogs to own. Apart from being extremely adorable, they are one of the few types of dogs that have a natural cheerfulness to them. Jack Russell’s are also known to be very devoted to their owners as well as obedient; although, they can prove to be a tad bit stubborn when they are in a rebellious or playful mood. If you are a family that is looking for an all-around awesome dog that has a lot of energy, is easy to train, loves to play, and is great with children no matter what size they are, the Jack Russell terrier is a good choice for you. I had so much fun turning this dog into a tutorial, and I think you too will love learning "how to draw a jack Russell", especially if you already have one of your own. I shall return later with more drawing fun so stay tuned in to see what else I got in store for ya’ll.