How to Draw a Boston Terrier


Here is a quick head tutorial on the Boston terrier. The first image is what it the drawing will look like when finished, and the rest of the images are step by step guides to drawing a Boston terrier head.


Now lets get this dogie drawn in full body. Start by making three circle shapes with the torso being the largest. The only shapes that will connect to one another is the body and back end. When you are done, simply add the face guides and proceed to    


Now you will begin sketching out the head structure of this dog which is very blocky and flat at the top. Once this is done you can move to step four to continue the momentum of drawing a Boston terrier.


Now that the basics of the head is drawn out, you can now begin using the face guides to draw in the small beady eyes, nose, and hanging loose jowls. Remember, the Boston terrier has bulldog blood which means it should look like a bulldog as well.


Color in the eyes like so but leave behind some white. Once that is done you can draw in the marking lines which makes the patch for the black colored head, with a white strip down the middle. Add some whisker holes, and then draw in the wrinkles on    


The Boston terrier has such a strong looking body which is why their necks are so gearthy. Draw out the neck, and then draw in the front of the chest and length of the body. You will also need to draw in the cropped tail, and some of the hind leg.


Lets begin drawing out the front legs, and then one of the hind legs. As you can see this dog is in perfect show stance.


Continue to draw out the front legs until they are fully formed and shaped out. Once that is done you can draw the rest of the chest and belly. Sketch in the inner hind leg and then you are ready for the next step.


All you have to do here is finish the body by drawing out the toes, and paws of the Boston terrier.


Erase the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up the drawing. When you are done you can begin drawing out the markings on the shoulders, and inner leg.


Here is what your new drawing looks like when you are all done. Now have fun coloring in the dog, and if you dd everything right, I'm sure you have an awesome piece of art that will go in your sketch book with the other drawings you have.

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June 22, 2011

Description: I wanted to do another tutorial on a popular dog breed that most folks would be familiar with when seen at first glance. As I was thinking I began reading my e-mails at the same time. I came across a request that asked me to make tutorial on "how to draw a Boston Terrier", step by step. The idea was great because I know how popular these small dogs are. These dogs are not only very cool in appearance; they are also wicked cool pooches to own. Their individual personalities make them one of the most desired terrier breeds around. I sometimes get the Boston terrier mixed up with the French bulldog. It’s easy to confuse the two breeds because they look so similar. If you look at the history behind the Boston terrier, I think you will find that there are some interesting facts. For one, did you know that these terriers where actually bred down from the American pit-bull? It’s true, the Boston terrier used to weigh around forty pounds, and they were called Olde Boston Bulldogge. But when the down breeding started, the once pit fighters had a new shorter, slender, more desirable look. Their temperament also depleted from being semi aggressive and unpredictable, to mellow and loving. I’m not saying that all pit-bulls are aggressive dogs; they just have that trait in their blood because they are still considered to be fighting dogs. The end line is this; the Boston terrier is one of the few breeds that was originated from the United States, and if it wasn’t for the wealthy people of Boston Massachusetts, this breed would never have come about. The Boston terrier is a breed that was developed from a constant cross mating of the original Boston terrier with the English bulldog. The lesson will be rather simple, but you may come across some difficulty along the way if you are a beginning artist. Have fun with drawing a Boston terrier, I will be back with more drawing fun.

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