How to Draw Howie, Almost Naked Animals, Howie


Begin by drawing an off looking shape for the body outline of Howie. It sort of looks like a stick of gum with a bump.


Begin drawing out the top half of Howie's head and this also includes the eyeballs. Draw in his ear, and then move along to step three.


Color in some pupils, and then get that honker of a snout drawn out. Next, draw an open smile on Howie's face and that's it.


Okay, Howie is a dog which means he needs the tip of a dog's nose. Draw in the line for his nose, and then add the lining under the eyes, and around the mouth. The detailing under the eyes is going to give his eyes a puffed out effect. Also draw in t   


Now you will be drawing out Howie's actual body shape. This is just basically thickening the lining you already have drawn. All you are doing different is drawing in some arms.


Draw out Howie's boxers and make sure that the waist of the boxers are drawn to stand out, and then draw in his tail and large belly button.


You are almost done guys, here all you have to do is draw out those small legs and add some detailing inside of the navel hold.


For the last step sketch in all those hair follicles that is scattered all over the body. I don't know if he was made to look like a scruffy dog, or if this is how his dog breed looks. Erase the lines and shapes you drew in step one to clean Howie up   


Here is what Howie looks like all drawn in. As you can see all that is left to do now is coloring. Once you have done that you will have yourself a new drawing on one of the funniest characters on Cartoon Network today.

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June 19, 2011

Description: I told you I was going to submit a lesson on the main character from Almost Naked Animals. The Canadian television series is blowing up in a big way here in the United States as it airs on Cartoon Network. Here is a scruffy looking dog that has crooked eyes, and a bad tan line. You are going to have fun as you learn "how to draw Howie", step by step. He is a yellow colored dog that is considered the main character of the series. His best friend is Octo, but he is also friends with Bunny, Duck, Piggy, Narwhal, Sloth, Poodle, and Batty. Sloth is actually the figure that has a humongous crush on Howie. Howie’s sister is Poodle, and even though he may look like a dunce, at least he has a job. Yup, he works at the Banana Cabana and as of right now he holds the management position. Howie mainly walks around shirtless dressed with only a pair of boxer underwear that is blue in color with stripes. Just his appearance alone should tell you that he is the life of the party, and he is also a hard worker…I think. Anyways have fun with drawing Howie from Almost Naked Animals, I will be back in a jiff so try and stay where you are. Adios people and enjoy!

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