How to Draw a Puppy Dog

Artist: PuzzlePieces / July 1, 2011

Step 1.

First things first, we'll start off with a base for our puppy, using circles to mark the chest and the hips and using a sort of backwards 'D' shape for the head. We'll draw lines coming down for the legs and a line going up for the tail.

Step 2.

Next we'll draw out the shape of the head, including the ears.

Step 3.

From there we'll give our puppy a face. We'll have his tongue hanging out like he's panting from playing. Give him big eyes and a nose.

Step 4.

We'll give him a collar next, bringing it around his neck and making sure to give him a tag.

Step 5.

Now we'll draw out his body, drawing his chest, belly and backside.

Step 6.

No we'll draw his front legs and paws.

Step 7.

Then his hind legs and his tail.

Step 8.

Now we'll give our puppy some spots all over his body.

Step 9.

And there you have a puppy!

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Artist: PuzzlePieces
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Description: I got another one for all of you and it seems like I'll be on a roll this time around. I got something cute and fun for you to draw this time that I hope you're going to enjoy. How to Draw a Puppy. I made it super cute and easy to draw so all of you can follow along. Now get ready and get out your tools and we'll get started on this tutorial.