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How to Draw Boxer

Artist: PetarMKD / August 30, 2011
How to Draw Boxer

Step 1.

first draw few circles and guidelines

Step 2.

then draw one circle for the head and add 2 lines, one horizontal one vertical for the guide, lets move on

Step 3.

now draw the face outline, with ears too

Step 4.

add the facial express, eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows etc

Step 5.

time for hair, i made it kinda sharp, but u can do whatever you want

Step 6.

now i drew the left hand, this time used some more bold lines

Step 7.

and drew his left gloves ( i think this is the wrong word, but i dont know the real one )

Step 8.

and the right one ...

Step 9.

noњ his right elbow, and part of his torso

Step 10.

its time for his belt of his shorts

Step 11.

shorts too, and i again used more bold lines where the folds are, i think that it looks more beautiful

Step 12.

drew the left leg with sneakers on it, add some details on them too

Step 13.

same with the right leg too

Step 14.

finally add some pattern on shorts and your done

Step 15.

there, your done :D happy drawing this

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Artist: PetarMKD
Date Added: August 30, 2011
Steps: 15
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Tags: how to draw people
Description: This is a boxer i just did full digitally( actually sketch is old more than 10 years i guess ), lineart is done few days ago but was busy :D now i colored it not focused to get the shadows/highlights right just to made it with more colors.