How to Draw Realistic Anime, Draw Real Anime


Always start out by brainstorming. Roughly sketch out your ideas. Try to vary your face types.


I decided to do my final pre-sketch using brush and ink just because it is more convenient for me. I used this step to finalize the appearance of my characters and roughly plan out my shading. It helps to have an idea of where your drawing might go b   


Pick your pencils before you start drawing. I used H for sketching, 2H for light lines/shading, F for dark lines/shading, and 3B for the darkest shading.


I started out with my female character. Start out by drawing a basic sketch of the head. Get a basic idea of facial features and leave out the hair for now.


Once you have your head sketched sketch in the hair.


Use 2H and H pencils to roughly add shading to the face. Then Use a blending stump to blend in your shading.


Now roughly shade in the hair and background. Use a blending stump to blend in your shading again.


Start adding detail to the drawing starting with the face. Use The 2H pencil on the skin. Use an F pencil for the darker lines. Shade in the bangs using mainly an F pencil.


Shade in the rest of the hair above the ears.


Start shading in the rest of the hair.You can also start developing your background a bit more.


Finish up the drawing by going over the details again. This is where I used a 3B pencil to darken my shading in places where my F pencil just wasn't cutting it. That's an example of a female character, now let's move on to a male one.


Start out with a basic sketch. Use guidelines if you need them.


Once you have the head sketched sketch in the hair.


Use a 2H pencil to roughly shade in the face. You a blending stump to smooth out your shading.


Roughly shade in the background then blend your shading in using a blending stump.


Start defining your shading by starting with the face. Use F and 3B for dark shading and H and 2H pencils for lighter shading. Start defining the hair as well.


Go ahead and shade in the rest of the hair and give this guy some shoulders.


Finish up the drawing by adding a few more layers of shading and working on the details some more. I chose to keep my background pretty simple but you can do whatever you feel works best with yours. Hopefully you now have a better idea as to how to   

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December 3, 2011

Description: Hey everyone, here's a tutorial on how to go about drawing character faces realistically. This is how I go about building character portraits from scratch. Get your pencils and paper ready!

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