How to Draw Palmon, Palmon, Digimon

Artist: PetarMKD / August 24, 2011

Step 1.

just easy and simple guide lines for our digimon, dont focus on getting the line right, just quick moves, to know where to put the body parts of our character

Step 2.

one circle for Palmon's head, nothing else :D

Step 3.

another circleish shape for body

Step 4.

and her ( yes palmon is female )left arm or what ever its call xD just as i said take ur time and do it easy no one hurry you

Step 5.

its time for her right arm

Step 6.

now her left leg with simple lines, and add few fingers on it

Step 7.

same with her right leg

Step 8.

draw the left arms fingers or spikes dont know what they are calling :S sorry

Step 9.

and right arm fingers :D make them kinda sharp :D

Step 10.

after that we do the flower on her head ( yes palmon is female ) :D

Step 11.

now do the mount and add few teeth , and do the eyes, they were a bit tricky for me ( when i draw this digitally ) but i made them at least

Step 12.

add her tail, from down part of the body going to the top right part of body ( i hope u get what i wrote )

Step 13.

now do that shape like question mark ( ? ) on his head, draw the "hair" and add some details on flower

Step 14.

finally the final touches on detailing, add details on her arms and leg a bit

Step 15.

Yey, your done, you just drew Palmon :D great job folks

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Artist: PetarMKD
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Description: Palmon from digimon, one of my favorite characters :D Get into this tutorial on "drawing Palmon from Digimon"!