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How to Draw Bobo Haha

Artist: Dawn / February 24, 2010
How to Draw Bobo Haha

Step 1.

Bobo Haha is one cool looking monkey. You will be drawing this character in an action pose, so let's get started. First draw a round shape for the head, and then add the facial guidelines. Next draw an egg shape that engulfs the head shape. This will   

Step 2.

You will now start sketching out the outline of his face, and then draw out the thick shape of the eye patch. When this is done, you can move to the next step.

Step 3.

Now you will draw out the chimney shaped hat and then draw the two twills coming from the top. Next start sketching out the facial hair and then draw out the ears. Add some detailing, and you're ready to move to the next step.

Step 4.

You can now start drawing the shape of his monkey muscle arms, and then draw the wide shape of the shoulders as you see here. Add the upper arm band, and then move to the next drawing step.

Step 5.

Draw out Bobo's mouth and then sketch in the hands which should look nice and hairy. Bobo wears half gloves which is displayed on the cuffs.

Step 6.

Now you can sketch out his eyes, nose, and color in the pupil. Draw the buttons on the cuffs, and then draw the patches on the shoulders which are shaped like rectangles.

Step 7.

For your last drawing step all you have to do is sketch out the left leg, draw the wide shaped foot, and then draw the bottom of the jacket as you see here. Add the straps on his leg, and then start erasing all the guidelines and shapes.

Step 8.

Here is your new Cartoon Network character. Color him in and you're all done. I do hope you had fun, and the great thing is, you will have the knowledge on drawing Bobo Haha before the series comes out.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 24, 2010
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Tags: how to draw generator rex characters
Description: I finally found out what Rex's side kicks name is going to be and I am so excited that I found out because now I can submit him as a tutorial. Last week I uploaded a lesson on the main character from the soon to be Cartoon Network series β€œGenerator Rex”. The animated show is supposed to start it's television debut in April which is only a month and few days away. So, having said all that, let me say that you will learn β€œhow to draw Bobo Haha”, step by step. Now, as of right now there is hardly any kind of information on this character. All I can tell you is that he is Rex's sidekick, and he is a walking, talking monkey. Bobo Haha is what you call an Evo monkey. This means he is infected with the same mutation as Rex which was brought on by Evo's. Now don't hold me to this information because I'm sure the background for Bobo will change as his character is developed more with ongoing episodes. His look is unique, and besides being a talking monkey that wears an eye patch, he is other wise a normal, active primate that aids his buddy through their travels around the world as they investigate all sorts of biological mutations. I think you will enjoy drawing Bobo Haha because he is not only going to be premiering in Generator Rex, he is also an awesome looking ape. I have to go because I have a lot more work to do. Meet me back here tomorrow with more drawing fun. Peace out people, and happy drawing!