How to Draw Spidermonkey

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This should be a real easy Ben 10 alien to draw. Start with a round shape for the head and then add the vertical line that starts in the head, and flows all the way down to the pelvic area. Next sketch out the shape of the diamond like torso and then   


Since this alien is hairy and shaggy looking you will need to sketch out the body hair and or head hair to look just like that. Once complete sketch out the shape of the monkey's face and move to step three.


Now draw the shape of the torso as you see here and be sure to draw it to look lean. Next draw the shoulders, and half of the arms, and then draw the waist, and hips. Add the circle in the middle of the chest as you see here.


You are already almost done with this tutorial. All you have to do now is take your time, and sketch out the four hairy looking arms for the alien you see here. Lastly sketch out the hands, and then draw the symbol for the Omnitrix, and add some defi   


Finish off the legs and then draw the alien looking feet and hand. Lastly draw out the tail and then sketch in the four eyes, nose and mouth. Color in the eyes and then the inside of the mouth leaving only the teeth visible. Erase all the guidelines    


See how cool he was to draw? I hope you guys enjoyed yourself learning to draw Ben 10 alien Spidermonkey. Color in the little guy, and have even more fun. Join me again for more drawing fun!

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February 3, 2010

Description: Ben 10 has become such a popular cartoon series, and because of that there is some other aliens that need to be drawn into tutorials. The last Ben 10 alien I drew and submitted was on Big Chill I think, and since then I haven't drew or submitted anymore. I feel it's time that I upload another tutorial that will teach you “how to draw Ben 10 alien Spidermonkey, step by step”. Spidermonkey is one of the cooler looking Omnitrix aliens because he is a fusion between a monkey and a spider. This alien species comes from a place called planet Arahnascimmia. Now before I continue, I should tell you that this Ben 10 alien is from the “Alien Force” series which is basically a sequel to the first one. In this new series Ben is older, and his aliens are created by being crossed with the original forms. Let's get back to Spidermonkey shall we? Anyways, he is a creature that has a total of six limbs, and he essentially looks like a monkey, but you can see that he is crossed with a spider because of his four green colored eyes, his ability to make webs, his hairy, shaggy looking body, and he also has the ability to swing from the nets he creates. Spidermonkey also has super human agility, and he can also cling to walls, just like Spiderman. The cool thing that happens to Ben when he transforms into Spidermonkey is that his voice turns into a child like tone, and he also gets into a lot of mischief. The first appearance this alien made on the series was with episode "What Are Little Girls Made Of?". I know you guys have been waiting for a new Ben 10 alien tutorial, so I am really excited to be submitting this one on “how to draw Spidermonkey, step by step”. Have fun with this lesson, and remember to rate, comment, and vote to let others know what you think of the tutorial. I will be back with yet another submission. In the mean time, peace out and happy drawing!

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