How to Draw an Evo

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You will begin this tutorial step by drawing a small shape for the head, and then from the head, draw a larger circle for the torso of this beast. Next and lastly for this step, attach the body lines for the waist, legs, and arms.


Begin sketching out the outline of the head, face, shoulders, and arms. You will only draw the outer lining for the arms because in the next step, you will draw the rest of the limbs. Once completed, sketch out a face that is on the left shoulder, an   


Like I said in the previous step, you will start sketching out the remaining part of the arm which is a bit muscular in size. When that is done you can add the details for the biceps, and forearms, and then draw the chest, and twisted waist. Use the    


Sketch in the eye balls, nose, and teeth inside of the face's mouth, and then draw more screeching faces on the chest, and shoulder. Once that is done you can then draw more detailing lines for the muscle tone and definition on it's body. Detail the    


Continue to sketch out the eyes, all over his torso, and then draw the upper bony looking thighs. Detail and define the lower limbs, and if you notice the lower limbs are skinny, and alien like.


For your finishing step, complete the legs with the one to the left looking like an arm and hand, and then draw the right leg. Sketch out the powerful looking hand on the left arm, and then draw the small scrawny hand to the right. Erase the lines an   


You're done. Great job everyone, I hope you liked this lesson on "how to draw an evo", step by step. Don't forget to color in your newly drawn character, and also don't forget to rate. comment and link to any of your favorite tutorials you see here o   

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March 28, 2010

Description: Are you waiting to draw something that is cool, creepy, and nasty? Well look no further my artist friends because I am about to give you a lesson of your lifetime. Okay not really your lifetime, but I can honestly say it's going to be on another awesome character from the gonna be hit animated series “Generator Rex”. As you know, the plot of the story is how Rex, the main dude, has to find and fight off the different nanites called Evo's by traveling around the world. Rex himself is infected with these so called nanites and because of this, his body grows into these amazing machines. As I was looking through the Cartoon Network website yesterday I came to the Generator Rex page. There was some different types of creatures that will be part of the shows line-up. I came across an interesting species that has no name that I know of yet, but because it is a character that looks like something from Resident Evil, I wanted to draw and submit the creature. So without further ado, how about a tutorial on “how to draw an Evo", step by step. Like I said, there wasn't a name for this nanite that I could find so I will just call it a general Evo. Evo is short for evolution, and there is many different types of nasty monster looking creatures that Rex and his team has to ward off. The one that you will draw has a humanoid appearance, with a dirty milky color for it's skin that looks to be a bit pasty as well. The entire body is covered with mutated faces, and a pair of arms that are not of the same size to each other, it's real rank looking. Supposedly, this Evo is capable of omitting fire from one of it's faces. The body of this creature is disturbing because it looks to be twisted and stretched. Nonetheless, I know you will have a good time because learning "how to draw an Evo" is going to be the next big thing to drawing monsters. I have to depart from the lesson for now, but I will return. Peace out peeps, and have a rank time.

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