How to Draw Meowth

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Meowth is going to be a very simple Pokemon to draw. All you have to do first is start with two shapes, an egg shape for the head, and a circle shape for the body. From those two outlines you will add the guidelines for his limbs, and for the face.


Because this Pokemon looks a lot like a cat, you will start with the shapes of two ears, and then draw six sharp looking skinny spikes that come from the head. Once that is done you can thicken the lining of the head and move to the next step.


Now you can add the inner lines for inside of the ears and then draw a horn like shape that sits right in the middle of Meowth's forehead as you see here. Add the various strips, and then utilize the facial guidelines to draw out the big shapes of th   


Draw slits for the eyes, and then finish sketching out the shape of the face. Next and lastly for this step, you will draw out the arms and paws of this cute Pokemon that looks like a kitty.


Draw the shape of Meowth's body and then draw the long feet. There should also be a marking line for the difference in color on the feet, so draw that in as well, and then add the toe lines.


This is your last drawing step and all you have to do here is draw out the tail, and then start erasing all the shapes and lines that you drew in step one. Once that is done you can proceed onto the finished line art step to see how your Meowth shoul   


Awww, look how cute he came out. Now you can have even more fun coloring him in. Pokemon is such an awesome series, and I look forward to doing more tutorials on how to draw Pokemon, step by step. Join me again for another fun filled lesson.

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February 24, 2010

Description: Hey guys, I'm finally back after a long absence for the past four days. I want to apologize for not uploading any new tutorials for you all, but the reason behind the long departure was through no fault of my own. Since Thursday night, everybody where I live had no power until early this morning. No power means no computer, which then equals to no online access. Anyway I will start the day by uploading a bunch of tutorials that where supposed to go up on Thursday but didn't. I will start by submitting a lesson showing you “how to draw Meowth", step by step. Meowth is a very popular character from the Pokemon anime series, and was one of the first main characters when the show stared. He is a regular type Pokemon, and one of the more infamous type is the Meowth that belongs to Team Rocket. I guess you could say that Ash's Pikachu and Team Rocket's Meowth are the two main Pokemon of the series. The version from Team Rocket is unlike any other in existence because he can actually speak human language making communicating to his team mates easy, he walks on two legs in an upright position instead of walking on all fours, and he is a feisty little guy that has a personality of a nice Pokemon gone bad. Meowth's are known for their ability that enables them to collect coins using their “Pay Day” power. Now because this Pokemon is the only one that can do that, it makes the ability a rare one. They love anything that is round and shiny, and to go with their feline like appearance and personalities, they are notorious for being seen walking around the streets of cities looking for anything that is shiny and round, or in other words, money. I have always been fond of Team rocket's Pokemon, and I was excited to do a lesson on “how to draw Meowth”. I know all you Pokemon fans will have an awesome time learning from this tutorial because he is fun looking, and easy to draw. I will return with some more really cool drawings to upload for you all since you haven't seen anything different for a few days now. Keep those eyes peeled, and be sure to join me for Livestream tonight. Peace out, and as always, happy drawing!

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