How to Draw Anime Princess Bubblegum


You will begin by drawing a circle for the head, and an odd shape for the body guide and add a smaller shape for the shoulder. Attach the two together with a neck guide, then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Here you will sketch out the shape of Princess Gumball's anime style face, then draw in her straight lined bangs and rest of the hairline to frame out her face.


Here you will draw out the shapes of her eyes starting with the upper lid line. Add her nose, then proceed to step four.


Finish drawing anime Bubblegum's eyes, then draw the mouth, eyebrows, and blushing on her cheeks.


Finish drawing the rest of the head shape, then draw the long straight styled hair. Add detailing to her hair, then move to step six.


Draw the crown which is a simple task. Make sure there is a slight ball at the tip of the crown's point.


Almost done folks. We will tackle the torso and dress. Sketch out the puffy shoulder sleeves, then draw the arm. Add detailing to the shoulder puffs, then draw the rest of her hair, neck, and torso.


Lastly, draw the lap or leg in a stretched out sitting pose, then sketch in the dress' wrinkles, creases and folds. Erase your mistakes, then you're done.


Here is how your drawing of anime Bubblegum should look like when you're done. Color her in and then show off your work.

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June 19, 2013

Description: I have two awesome lessons that are going to be super exciting for all you Adventure Time fans out there. I have another anime version of a popular character from the show, and a zombified version of another. If you watched my Livesteream you should already know who I’m going to submit. But if you don’t, here is "how to draw anime Princess Bubblegum" from Adventure Time. She came out so incredibly sweet looking. I wanted her daintiness to go with her anime form so I drew her sitting quietly as she minds her own business. Drawing this anime version of Bubblegum will have you screaming in a calm way as you set out on your task to creating one of the more popular figures from Adventure Time. I will be back with more fun for you all so stay tuned in people.

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