How to Draw Finn and Flame Princess Kissing


Make two circles for the head guides of these two love birds. You will then draw the facial guide for Finn's face, then draw the body guideline for Flame Princess.


Begin drawing the outlined shape of Finn's head and some of his body. As you know the head is in the form of the hood he wears. You will also need to draw the backpack.


Draw the opening to Finn's hood which exposes his face. Draw his closed eye and eyebrow, then draw the shoulder, arm, hand, and the separation for his hood and shirt.


We will now work on Flame Princess. Draw the shape of the left side of her face, then draw in her long chunks of bang that fall on her fiery face.


Next, draw the flaming hairstyle, then add the jewel on her forehead like so.


You will also draw in her closed eye as well as the lashes, eyebrow and blush marks on her cheek.


Almost done people. You will now draw the shape of her curvy figure, then draw both arms.


In this step you will draw Finn's other arm, then sketch in the detailing to Flame Princess' body and clothing. Erase all your mistakes and guides.


Here is the line art once you are finished. Remember to color in the lovers and show off your hard work.

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July 23, 2013

Description: Are you ready for some romantic cuteness that will have your lips burning up. I think almost everyone knows that Finn and the Flame Princess are a couple. What I never seen happen between the two is a romantic but innocent kiss. This boyfriend girlfriend pair have what it takes to make it. I figured since I didn't see what it would look like if Finn and Flame Princess kissed, I would draw them doing so on my own. As you can see Finn's face is to the point of being on fire. But that's okay because his love for the Flame Princess is just as hot which sort of protects him from a flaming death. I hope you enjoy drawing Finn and Flame Princess kissing. I will be back shortly people.

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