How to Draw a Sheepdog, Sheepdog


Draw two circles, one for the head and the other for the body. Add a face guide and proceed on.


You can begin to sketch out the head, and the long floppy ears. Make sure the hair lining conveys how long or shaggy the dog's hair is.


Sketch out the hair strand lines that cover the dog's eyes, and then draw in the nose as well as the mustache like arches that hands down the face. Add some detailing and definition as well as some minor touch ups.


Finish off the face by drawing out the bottom jaw, mouth, and fill in the mouth with shading and a tongue. Sketch some detailing for the chin too.


Now is the time that you will start drawing out the left side of the body to get this dog finished. Start with the neck, and then move down to shape out the first leg, hair covered paw, and some of the chest. Add some long hair texture by sketching i   


Sketch out the right leg and paw, and then sketch in some of the chest or belly. Once again add more detailing and move it along to step seven.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw out the back, hind leg and paws, and then sketch in some long hair strands scattered on the dog. Make a marking line for the gray colored saddle back.


Once the drawing is cleaned up, you are ready to begin the coloring process. I hope you liked learning how to draw a sheepdog.

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September 22, 2011

Description: So there’s this dog breed that is probably more like an animated version than any other dog breed out there that has been created for cartoons and movies. When I read my e-mails of all the requests that people make, I will raise an eyebrow once in a while out of surprise. That is the case with this next submission. The reason why I have been uploading tutorials on different types of dogs is because I have been getting a constant flow of people asking for the same thing. Of course I’m talking about the usual cases. This unusual request I read is the main reason why I’m uploading a lesson on "how to draw a sheepdog", step by step. These dogs are probably friendlier than the lab or retriever. Their body build is boxy or square and they have slender but starky physique. Sheepdogs come in a series of gray shades. For example; you can choose to buy a gray, grizzle, blue gray, gray and white, blue merle, and some other shades of gray. Their coats are long, curly and somewhat shaggy, but they are also very soft and proofed for water. Now the reason why I said that these dogs are extra friendly, it’s because of their personality traits. Sheepdogs are very happy so they have this happy go lucky personality. They are also very loyal, smart, and even protective which makes them great for families with young or old children. Now because these dogs where bred to be a supreme herding dog, they have strong herding instincts which makes them try to heard all kinds of animals including humans. One great technique you could ever teach a sheepdog is the command to not try and herd people. They are considered to be a large dog breed and they can weigh anywhere from sixty pounds, all the way to one hundred pounds. I guess that’s about it, I should let you give this tutorial a go so you too are able to draw a sheepdog. I will be back because there is still two more tutorials to go. Peace out people and have a good day!

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