How to Draw Anime Wolves, Anime Wolves

Artist: Dawn / February 15, 2012

Step 1.

So this is generally two types of basic styles you can start developing. I see tons of wolf art with the classic normal and well detailed wolf, and the anime - mute type style. Style 2 is easily more fitting for a cutesy or serene anime environment,    

Step 2.

Now, here' are ways you can draw your wolf. I'm sure lots of you wolf fans have seen the varieties of wolf shapes/sizes on the net. We have 1. being the normal semi-realistic version of a wolf; having well proportioned paws and a nice toned build. Th   

Step 3.

These are loose styles based among the various. Like I've stated before, experimenting with different shapes of faces and bodies could morph into a style you may find unique and fitting. 1. Is a generic yet classic wolf face that would again, fit for   

Step 4.

When you want to transform an adult wolf into a puppy, take the key traits from an adult and make certain areas bigger or smaller. For instance, a puppy will have larger undeveloped ears. The snout will be much shorter and the eyes majorly enlarged.    

Step 5.

Ok, on with the tutorial, peeps! Let's start with the essential guidelines for the wolf, creating a small circle for the head, large circle for the chest, and an oval for the hindquarters. Though drawing these guidelines perfectly aren't entirely nec   

Step 6.

Now, carefully, we'll keep distance with our guidelines and draw the forehead FIRST, then channel our way downwards to the snout. A wolf's snout is boxy and longer than a normal dog's. It slants inwards and forms the chin later on. Now, the cheeks sh   

Step 7.

Then, we shall work on the facials. The eye shouldn't be drawn no further than the middle of the dipping point of the forehead. Keep the nose small, avoid creating it swallowing a huge portion of the snout. The mouth should be drawn with a slight ind   

Step 8.

Slowly progressing onto the neck, we will draw the back first, creating an outward mound which will then form into the shoulder. The front of the chest/neck should be sketched in with light and fluffed detailing lines. Try not to make too many jagged   

Step 9.

Ok, this may seem hard at first, but it isn't! Let's work on the first foreleg which starts thick, adjacent to the shoulder we drew before, and tapers downwards into the paws. When we draw the paws, we'll want to start with one outlining shape first    

Step 10.

Then, let's keep distant around the guides and draw the stomach and eventually, the hind-leg. I start at the knee first and then the hocks. Notice how the thigh is fluffed. We don't want to add to much fluff to the paws and hocks!

Step 11.

Then, nearly finishing, we'll draw the back and then the tail. The tail should have subtle wafts of fur detailing to make it pop. We don't want to detail the tail to much because it wouldn't fit within the style.

Step 12.

To finish the wolf, we'll draw the last leg. Repeat the process and techniques discussed in the previous step. Also, try matching up the every joint to the first hind-leg we drew.

Step 13.

Lastly, (optional background), we'll draw the cliff this canine will be standing on. In this case, I wanted to draw a snowy rock with a large moon framing the body of the wolf. You can go ahead and sketch in some trees or a moon yourself! Get creativ   

Step 14.

With further line cleanup, inking, you should end up with something similar to this. If not, retry the tutorial, or simply try drawing one on your own (using the tips presented at the beginning). Remember, practicing is the true way to getting better   

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: So I've been researching the site for tutorial ideas to do and thankfully, I've found one that I've yet to complete (until now). We all know that wolves are a very important part of the world, especially to their favored fans. I find these animals very graceful and royal to the animal kingdom. They convey a strong, majestic stance and their faces have such a sincere yet ominous stare. These creatures are definitely beautiful and I thought by creating a tutorial on "how to draw anime wolves" would be sufficient for their many fans. The preview image was definitely much fun to work on, the background painting was an instant treat. I tend to go crazy when it comes to backgrounds since my skills in that region are lacking. Anyways, I hope you guys will enjoy this simple tutorial. I had intense fun working on it while listening to some World of Warcraft OST's. Peace out and good luck!