Drawing Tutorial of a Simple Wolf

Artist: RiverWolf / March 17, 2012

Step 1.

just the guide lines to start off the wolf.. two circles for the head and hind-quarters. and an oval for the shoulders.

Step 2.

JUST A TIP!! i go in rainbow order b/c i haven't figured out how to switch colors.. ;3 red is starting off with the head.. eye, nose, and ears.

Step 3.

yellow is the shoulder, back, an leg muscles.

Step 4.

green are the legs closest to the viewer.

Step 5.

blue. the blue legs go BEHIND the green legs. and the tail you cant have a wolf without a tail!! i hope you enjoyed my first tutorial!! thanks!!!

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Artist: RiverWolf
Date Added: March 17, 2012
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Tags: draw wolves, how to draw wolves
Description: Hey y'all!! This is my first tutorial!! I hope you enjoy!!