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How to Draw a Tribal Howling Wolf

Artist: nicole_arty / March 9, 2012
How to Draw a Tribal Howling Wolf

Step 1.

ok i did this tut in pen but you can use anything to do it enjoy .... ok first draw the 2 main otline parts

Step 2.

now do the rest of the outline of the ear

Step 3.

now do the inside of the ear

Step 4.

now do the nose and the mouth

Step 5.

now do the eye

Step 6.

now do the line just above the eye

Step 7.

now do the line leading down from just below the ear

Step 8.

now do the line at the end of the one you have just finished

Step 9.

now do the 2 bits just above the big fur looking line you finished

Step 10.

now do the line that starts just below the ear then the ittle lines at the end of that one

Step 11.

now do the moon and your finished i hope you enjoyed my tut on a tribal wolf howling ;D

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