How to Draw a 2D Wolf


thanks4 viewing my tut any way first step i like 2 drw the belly cose it is a easy thing2 drw just do a few lines with pionts going down on the end of them


next start ofthe mouth i forgot 2 say that in the last 1 then draw a diagnal line and anouthe across 1 for the mouth


next start the nose that basicly a oval and then drw anouther line across then draw the eye


nexctstart the head which is basicly a ovel withou a bottem and then draw the ear which is easy basicly a triange shape and then drw a little 1 inside


next draw a bit more of the head and the ear basicly the same as last 1


next draw the rest of the body thenuv finishe the outline


next step add fur marks and teeth if u whantu canstop here but it wont look as good as it could


next fill it you can choose what evr couler u whant its just thoughse are my fave coulers 2 put on a wolf


next put a darker shade of couler on it and use the smudge tool tosmuge itthis gives it a nice affect


then adda bacground and a few stars and a moon maby then uv finished

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April 5, 2012

Description: this is nearlly the same wolf thats on my bye dizzy pic but this one looks more like a cub

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