How to Draw a Tribal Heart Tattoo

Artist: Dawn / December 31, 2013

Step 1.

The first step involves you drawing the shape of a heart. When you make your heart, one side of the hump should be taller than the other.

Step 2.

We will now start drawing the pattern to form the tribal design of the heart. Start at the inner portion of the heart right where the point starts. After you draw out the shape, color it in solid.

Step 3.

Next, you will begin drawing the another section of the tribal heart pattern starting at the inner crevasse of the previous pattern mark you made.

Step 4.

Here you will continue to work on getting the tribal heart drawn in. The shape should start rounding out and there should also be some empty notches throughout.

Step 5.

Fill the space to the left of the heart. When this is done you should color in this section solid.

Step 6.

Now start adding tribal markings or patterns on the right side of the heart.

Step 7.

Again, take your time to work in this next section and notice how the design is harmonious with the rest of the markings.

Step 8.

You are already almost done. All you have to do now is draw out the right tribal design pattern to define the hump for the heart's right lobe. Color in the design and move forward.

Step 9.

And lastly, draw the end point of the heart and then color it in. This part should flow nicely with the entire heart shape. Erase the mistakes then you are done.

Step 10.

That's it, you are all done. Now you cal color in your new tribal heart design and use the art.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: For some reason I had this burst of energy to make some cool tribal art designs and I will start with showing you once again "how to draw a tribal heart tattoo", step by step. When making the tribal heart try to keep in mind that there is many rounded corners and patterns when making this heart. If you like a challenge then this is a lesson for you. When drawing a tribal heart tattoo you will be doing it in sections so be sure to take your time. I shall see you all very soon with more tuts on the way. Adios folks.