How to Draw a Troll for Kids

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Make a circle and then draw in a face guide as well as a body line.


Using the shape you drew in step one, begin sketching out the outline of the trolls lower face. Start by drawing out the ears, and then from there draw out the jaw line, cheeks, and a small pointed nose.


Now is the time you start drawing out the mid section of the head which is also his hair. The long pushed back hairstyle should be drawn in pieces, and spikes like so.


Draw in the shapes of the eyes and eyeballs, and then draw out the thick eyebrows. Add some detailing under and around the eyes like so.


Make the lower portion of the jaw and then draw the highly curved teeth or fangs that protrude out of the mouth and off to the sides.


For the last drawing step, draw out the entire body. Start with the neck and shoulders, and then draw in the long arms, hands, torso, and then draw the legs and feet. Sketch in some chest detailing and you are all done.


Once you are all done cleaning up the drawing you should end up with a picture like you see here. Color in your new troll and that's it.

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September 25, 2011

Description: Hey guys, here is another great tutorial that is full of fun, creativity and free from complexity. Looking in the fantasy section of the ‘For Kids’ category, I saw that I didn’t yet have a tutorial on "how to draw a troll for kids", step by step. Trolls are great fun to draw and create, and when you use your imagination you can make a troll look like anything you want. The great thing about drawing these creatures from fantasy is how many different clans you can make them in. I tried to make this troll as easy as possible and I think I may have succeeded. If you find this lesson difficult please let me know so I can refine the way I make tutorials for kids in the future. For now enjoy drawing a troll for kids and thanks for joining me with this submission.

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