How to Draw a Scene Girl

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First, you'll be needing to establish a basis for your figure of a Scene girl. By drawing the 'line of motion' to create the figure, things will be much easier. I would recommend using a compass for the circles and a different light color for the gui   


Next, time to draw the figure! This can definitely be time consuming due to drawing the whole body at once. Believe it or not, this will definitely hone your figure drawing skills and ready the body for clothing design. Fashion designers today draw f   


Now, let's start drawing the facial features to add some character! Scene girls wear excessive makeup, making them look like raccoons. Add the fringe, sketching over the eye lightly so you can avoid making it unsymmetrical. Flesh out the fingers and    


Next, let's start drawing the hair! This was personally my most favored part of the tutorial, along with the coloring process. Finish off the hood of the hoodie and the beginning of the belt she wears. At this point, you could possibly add any type o   


Lastly, add finishing touch ups to complete the Scene girl!


After all the erasing, sketching, and sweat, you should end up with a drawing similar to this. Take your time and check over your drawing for anatomical mistakes that will throw off the viewer's eye. More importantly, erase the guidelines (if any) yo   


With initial coloring from my digital graphics program, I ended up with this. I highly recommend getting yourself 'Paint Tool Sai', a graphics program that is very small in size as well as price. The program I believe is 60 USD to rent a license. Any   

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March 3, 2017

Description: So there's this new stereotype that's out in the society today, and I'd thought maybe I'd make a tutorial based on it. A few members have been requesting this tutorial constantly because I guess, it's the new 'Emo' of today's culture. I present to you in this simple tutorial on “how to draw a scene girl”, step by step, with a whole load of flashy colors added on. I was doodling about thinking of a cute and spontaneous scene girl bending down, sorta posing for the camera or something. I've never really tackled a pose featured in this tutorial, mainly because I'm so bricked in from drawing ¾ stances. Throwing that bad habit aside, I went for something totally bright and happy that will definitely define a Scene kid. The style gives you a lesson to “draw an anime scene girl”, more likely than a realistic type. Before you tackle this intermediate tutorial, you'll need to hone your figure drawing skills (I'm actually quite O.K at it but not so well xD). Quickly sketch a pose that's flashing around in your mind before you lose the idea. That type of thing happens to me ALL the time. There's a certain pose I need to express on paper but I lose it the second I start doodling. Practice the skill of 'thumbnail sketching' which basically exercising the skill of sketching down something quickly to get a rough idea of what your basis sketch will seem. Well anyways, the drawing was definitely something I had eager fun with. The colors were a bit tedious to put down in order to give the Scene girl her true background character. So folks, without any further ado, have fun learning “how to draw a Scene kid”, step by step! Thanks so much for viewing and good luck with the tutorial :)

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