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How to Draw an Angry Anime Girl

Artist: mstormw / September 4, 2010
How to Draw an Angry Anime Girl

Step 1.

Okay, lets start the same as the happy girl. First draw out the shape of the head and neck, leaving the top open for the hair and your guideline for the height of it.

Step 2.

Start to draw in the side of the fringe, and the long hair in front of the ear. You can also add in the ear.

Step 3.

draw out the rest of the fringe. some of the tips are left open so that they do not cover the eyes, as that is the most import part to covey the feeling of anger.

Step 4.

Draw in the rest of the hair. It is tied up at the back of the head, so you need to draw in some lines that show that.

Step 5.

Draw in the shoulders and eyes. The lines underneath the eyes are a slight flush that comes when under a strain to keep control of her anger. The shoulders are also slightly hunched with the same effort. Remember, when in 3/4 view, the eye furthest a   

Step 6.

Finally, add in the nose, mouth and eyebrows! don't forget the two small lines at the stump of the closest eyebrow, to add to the apparent frustration of the character.

Step 7.

Okay!! you're done! I hope you liked my tutorial of an angry Manga girl. please comment, and I will hopefully get some more up soon!

Comments (2)
lunastar2000 · 1 year ago
you copied from the original anime... this character is Youko!
tunecookie20 · 6 years ago
Thanks :hai:
Artist: mstormw
Date Added: September 4, 2010
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Description: Here is my third tut on the second mood of an anime face. You'll be learning "<em><strong>how to draw an angry anime girl</em></strong>" step by step. Have fun learning from this tutorial!