How to Draw a Body


Here's a simplified form of the female body. No matter what shape, size, or type of female your drawing, they are all curvy. Sometimes it depends on the breast size as well to make these "curves". Focus your female anatomy practices towards the waist   


When drawing a woman, you'll want to focus on drawing the waist. The same applies to men as well. The waist supports most of body's balance, as well as motions. Its also the body part that needs most of it's attention due to so much activity it prais   


Drawing the male body is a lot tougher then drawing a female body. There's so many important details to focus on for a male. There are two types of bodies they can be drawn in; the average body and the muscular type. Of course the muscular type is th   


The main focal point on drawing a muscular man, is basically the Abdominal muscles, the Deltoids, and the Pectorals. These are the main focuses you should direct your practices to. As you can see, the Pectorals connect to the Deltoids. They flush int   


"How to change male to female", what a straight forward phrase! As you can see, the blue line art and colors denote where breasts would go for females. The figure without the breasts is the typical body type for the average male. Female Pectoral musc   


The spine of the human body is a very miraculous thing. It can also be a stubborn concept to master. I myself haven't mastered the importance of the spine. You can safely call the spine the "line of motion" as well. This is what glues the human body    


When you draw a body from the back view, there are a few important details you should be keen on. First off, you should see definition of the shoulder blades. If you're viewing someone from the 3/4 back view, you'll be able to see a bit of a shoulder   


Now, to practice what you have learned above, we're going to draw a little warm up with step-by-step instructions. The host for this tutorial is of a female descent in a 3/4 pose. I find that many people draw females a lot easier then they do with me   


Next, draw the strange styled hair and face shape. It's always smart and helpful drawing the head first and then work your way down.


Then, draw the shoulders, breasts, and arm. It would be ideal to make sure the shoulders are nice and loose, unlike the muscular and sturdy shoulders of the male body. Finish off the inner details of the face as well.


Lastly, finish off the curvy body for this figure. ALWAYS pay attention to the abdominal area. There should be definition of the ribcage and lower abs. Make sure the belly button isn't too large too. There should always be a brief dividing line that    


Well, you're pretty much finished with this tutorial! I really hope this drawing tutorial has taught you some tips and tricks on drawing the body. It took me a very long time to get this tutorial the way it is. Be sure to share this with your friends   

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August 28, 2010

Description: Here's a great tutorial that I was so very eager to add to the site. I've literally spent five hours on this tutorial, getting it to the helpful perfection that will teach you “how to draw a body, step by step”. Though I haven't really mastered drawing a body perfectly, I wanted to compile what I've learned from my previous art years into this awesome tutorial. You'll find that drawing people, the body is the most difficult concept to achieve accurately. There is so many ways the body can be posed in, and it's very overwhelming. You'll view an artist that has great skill on spewing unique poses in such short time. It almost makes you so jealous and overwhelmed, that you lose the inspiration. The point is to keep practicing and constantly receiving inspiration from various sources. Whether it's music, Anime, comic books, or other artists, it becomes endless. Go down to the library and rent a few books that will give you ideas on different poses. It's essential to devour all the information, references, and tutorials as possible in order to progress as an artist. Keep a sketchbook that's labeled by years to look back at your progress. Believe it or not, looking back at improvements is the most relieving feeling to ever receive. Observing average people, the way they move, the way the anatomy works is also a recommended thing to do. Have a sketchbook with you at all times no matter where you go. You never know if you'll come across something you want to scribble down. Anyways, this lesson can apply to any type of body you want to master drawing. I don't include any super deformed buff characters, so flee away if that's what you're looking for. I really hope my efforts on this tutorial will pay off. Thank you so much for viewing this tutorial and please leave some feedback on how this has helped! Peace out and have fun learning “how to draw the body, step by step”!

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