How to Draw an Easy Cartoon


Always start with simple shapes. For the girl begin with a circle for her head and for the pig a couple overlapping circles for the bulk of his body. Her body will be a bent rectangle smaller at the top and longer at the bottom.


Continue to add basic shapes at this step. Keep things geometric early on. At this step add an oval to the pig's face. This will become his snout. Long rectangles will be used for the girl's legs and arms. You can practice moving these around for var   


Now its time to add some curved line. Go ahead and round off some of those sharp angles. At this stage go ahead and add fingertips. Often, cartoons vary in the number of fingers characters have. At this stage draw two lines from the center of your c   


Lets add to her face. Use circles for her eyes. Here her left eye is smaller to suggest her face is about to turn away. I fill about 3/4 the eye with another circle and fill it in dark. Mark a couple spots for white circles on top if you want to add    


Now some details. Each wing is made up of upside down "waterdrops". Stack a large one on a medium sized one. Then a smaller one should be placed below that. You should finish with a progressively smaller set of 3 waterdrop shapes. Use a thick outline   


More details at this stage. Give your character some fun clothes to wear. Don't forget to put a smile on that pig of yours either.


Try erasing those old lines and keep adding details. Stripped leggings and folds are always great ways to add detail. Once finished make sure to congratulate yourself. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, Id love to see or hear what you've done with it.


There are some good things to keep in mind when doing this or any cartoon project. One of the most important features of your character will be the face. Typically the eyes are always set about halfway down the face. If you were to divide that half o   


Generally, rounded angles will always look more cartoon-like. When setting out to draw your next cartoon, keep circles in mind. Remember how many circles were used in the pig? Rounding off sharp angles can be just the finishing touch your picture nee   

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October 3, 2010

Description: Learn to draw fun cartoon illustrations.

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